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Ed Corbett -
Volunteer of the Year

Apple Valley Volunteer of the Year - Ed Corbett

by Chelsea Cliff

February 9, 2016

"Keep it fun, meet people – stay energized!" This is the motto that Sterling State Bank's Business Development representative Ed Corbett embraces daily.

Recently Ed was honored as the 2015 Apple Valley Volunteer of the Year. This prestigious award, presented by the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, recognized the tireless work that Ed performs on behalf of people, organizations and businesses in the local community.

In addition to serving on the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce' Board of Directors, Ed is also active in his local Rotary Club. As a member of the Board, Ed is actively involved in a number of annual events sponsored by the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce. These include the Chamber's annual Golf Classic and the Home & Garden Expo.

Besides Rotary and Chamber events, Ed is also involved with a number of important fundraising efforts. Some of these include raising money for local children's programs in the Apple Valley area and raising money to expand clean drinking water access in Haiti.

Ed Kearney, current President of the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce states that Ed, "even does work and supports philanthropy on behalf of committees he doesn't serve on! This is because he [Ed] has never been focused on recognition but rather on tangible results and on helping to create a better community."

Ed's path to a career in banking is both interesting and unique. After working as a manager at Hub Jewelers for over 20 years, Ed was surprised to find he was being considered for an open position in development at the community bank next door. "We always did our banking with Sterling State Bank, and I would often spend time chatting with the tellers," he recalls. In the 8 years since, through determination and dedication, Ed has worked to develop expertise in his new career. In the process, he has become a vital part of both the Sterling State Bank team and the local community.

Ed embraces the variety that his role with the Bank entails. Day to day activities can include any or all of the following: meeting current customers, visiting prospective customers, community & volunteer committee meetings, new business openings, fundraising events and volunteer activities. "It's important that I provide value to my clients and potential customers and that they see me as a strategic business partner," says Ed. "One of the best parts of this role is that I get out and meet so many different people. There are so many unique personalities and stories that I am fortunate enough to encounter each day. It is truly a privilege to give back to the communities we serve!"

Like many of us who embrace ambitious projects and goals, dealing constructively and effectively with rejection or delays is one of the biggest professional challenges Ed faces from time to time. "When you think you've made progress to achieve a new business relationship, and that potential client ultimately decide to go a different route, it can be disappointing," Ed acknowledges. His advice for those confronting delays – especially individuals just starting their professional career - is to not get easily discouraged. "Learn to take ‘no' lightly," Ed advises. "It may not always be a ‘no'."

Over time Ed has found that he's become a resource for advice or recommendations, and he's happy to share his knowledge and experience with business owners, non-profit organizations and members of the community. "It is truly gratifying when I'm able to help others with the knowledge I've gained through my own experiences," says Ed.

If he had to choose a different career besides his current role Ed says, "I would try my hand at Commercial Real Estate, and possibly work part-time at a bike shop." And while he volunteers for many different groups, programs and events, one of the causes he feels most passionate about is increased awareness and support for colon cancer. "After losing my mom to this devastating disease, I have learned that it is one of the most common types to occur," he explains. As for how he spends his time when he's not working and volunteering, Ed enjoys golfing, skiing, traveling and biking with his wife. They also enjoy spending time with their 5 children and their families, including two grandsons.

Sterling State Bank President Justin McNeilus states, "Ed's commitment to the local community exemplifies the true spirit of Community Banking. We are proud of Ed's involvement and the recognition that his efforts have received from the [Apple Valley] Chamber of Commerce." Sterling State Bank appreciates Ed's continued efforts to build a better community for businesses and individuals. Congratulations Ed and thank you for all that you do!

Article Link: http://sunthisweek.com/2015/12/24/warners-stellian-named-business-of-the-year-in-apple-valley/