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About Sterling State Bank:

A Local Bank Focused On Our Customers

Since the day we opened our doors in 1958, Sterling State Bank has been locally owned and operated. We have many years of experience, involvement, and investment in Minnesota's local communities. Over the years, our full-service bank has flourished and grown to include insurance, commercial lending, and mortgage lending so we have the opportunity to more fully meet our clients' needs.

At Sterling State Bank, we believe banking is about relationships. We believe it's paramount to understand and serve our clients with unsurpassed customer service, first-rate products, state-of-the-art technology processes, and rigorous security systems. We love to facilitate new business development, help existing local businesses grow, and to be the "family bank" everyone can count on for checking, savings, investments, and insurance needs.

Sterling State Bank Drive Up Banking

Original enclosed drive-thru window. Austin, MN

At Sterling State Bank we have a history of making history: we were the first bank in the 9th Federal Reserve District to both receive and send check image files. We made it a priority to provide our customers with the ability to quickly and easily see their checks online and to meet the highest standards for security and compliance. Our success at pioneering is no surprise: When we opened our doors in 1958 in Austin, Minnesota, alongside a local pharmacy and a movie theater, we were establishing one of the first commercial shopping plazas in Minnesota. Sterling State Bank helped define Austin's "Sterling Center" by conveniently placing our full-service bank amidst local, growing businesses.

When calling or visiting one of our 9 locations, you can expect a prompt and warm welcome every time. We pick up the phone because we believe our customers deserve personal interaction, not an automated phone tree. When visiting your local branch, you may even be greeted by Justin McNeilus, our President, or Denzil McNeilus, board members and long-time majority owners of Sterling State Bank. We're committed to customer service, which means we don't project an imaginary wall between ownership and customers.

Stop in, and give us the opportunity to invest in our most important relationship: you!