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Happy Retirement, Jim!

April 30, 2018

“Working for so many years with wonderful friends and customers is something I will always cherish from my time here.”

In 1998, Wisconsin native Jim Marx started his career at Sterling State Insurance Agency in Austin, MN. 20 years later, he is a successful and well-respected Insurance Agent and Manager. “Watching the Agency grow as much as it has is my greatest memory,” Jim said. “Working for so many years with wonderful friends and customers is something I will always cherish from my time here.”

Many memories were shared over the years of working with Jim at Sterling State Insurance Agency. Justin McNeilus, the President of Sterling State Bank said, “I want to personally thank Jim for his dedication and contribution to growing Sterling State Insurance Agency over the last 20 years. I am grateful for the knowledgeable and motivated employees like Jim that have built their careers with Sterling State Bank and Sterling State Insurance Agency. We are truly blessed to have so many long-term employees like Jim who continue to build their careers with our Community Bank and Insurance Agency.”

Jerry Mohrfeld, former President of the Austin Branch, remembers the day Jim came to interview for his position as an Insurance Agent. “Jim came to interview with Earl Nelson (who owned Sterling State Bank at the time) and I. Earl liked Jim and offered him a job,” Jerry remembers, before adding with a wink and a smile, “but I was a little apprehensive about it! I wasn’t wrong often and really missed it on Jim, for Jim turned out to be a fantastic agent and eventually manager! Jim was great to work with and is going to be missed.”

Cindy Folken, recently retired from Sterling State Agency herself, commented on her memories of working with Jim, “I’ve worked with Jim for years and have always admired his ability to stay calm in difficult situations. Whenever I was tempted to become frustrated with a particular problem, Jim had the wonderful ability to calmly find a solution. I’ve enjoyed working with him and I miss his peaceful demeanor.”

A fun fact about Jim is he has a twin brother and the two of them went to college together at Mankato State where he was fortunate to have played college football there as 4-year letter winners. After retirement, Jim plans to move to Northern, MN near Walker where he and his wife both have family. I love to fish and golf,” Jim said, “and now I look forward to doing much more of those things.”

Today is Jim's last day and we will cherish the memories made through the years shared.

Thank you Jim, for your dedicated years to Sterling State Insurance Agency! Have a blessed and fun retirement!


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Written By:

Samantha Stauffer

Marketing Specialist

Sterling State Bank