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Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce Award 


“We were overwhelmed by the attention Sterling State Bank received as a lead sponsor – the Chamber certainly showed their appreciation!”

We are honored and humbled to receive recognition from the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce for 20+ years of membership. Here, Paul Rime (Sterling State Bank Branch Manager) and Cheryl Morton (Business Development) receive the award on behalf of the Bank. Shanen Corlett, Director of Member Services for the Lakeville Chamber said, “Thank you again for your partnership with the Chamber, being a part of the city of Lakeville, and everything you do for the community.”

Cheryl Morton commented on their years of involvement with the Chamber, stating, “Our membership in the Chamber has been instrumental in guiding our relationship with the Lakeville community – we have met many current customers and are meeting more potential customers every day!! The Chamber is my favorite networking place!”

This year Sterling State Bank enjoyed the opportunity to participate as a title sponsor for the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament held on May 15, 2018. “We have a lot of positive feedback from the golfers who attended this year’s event,” says Sterling State Bank Mortgage Originator, Rick Solum. “This annual golf tournament is always a great opportunity to spend a wonderful day on the course and network with well over 100 other members of the community.”

“It really is a tremendous event,” Cheryl Morton continued. “The turnout this year again was excellent with over 160 golfers.” Cheryl has not only been connected with the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce as a member for the past 10 years, but she has also served as a Chamber Ambassador, was honored to receive the Chamber Ambassador of the Year award in 2013, and makes it a priority to participate in as many Chamber events as possible.

Paul, Rick, and Cheryl find passion through their years at Sterling State Bank and strongly agree that commitment and dedication are how communities stay strong and successful. “I think both working at Sterling and being a member of local Chambers has shown that it is 100% necessary and extremely important to give back to the community,” said Paul. “It keeps us up to date on goals and insights from other businesses, let’s us reach out and get to know the community personally, and gives us a chance to build a better place to live for everyone.” Rick, who spent five years as a volunteer high school basketball coach while working at a community bank commented, “Giving back to the community is what truly sets Sterling State Bank apart.”

As we celebrate the past 20 years being a part of the Lakeville community, Sterling State Bank is grateful for the chance to play a role in promoting the local economy through our Chamber of Commerce membership. Along the way we’ve made some great friends and provided financing that has helped grow our local economy. “We are extremely grateful for all the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce has done for the community,” says Sterling State Bank President Justin McNeilus. “It’s a privilege to be a part of such a large, effective and dynamic organization focused on creating economic opportunity for everyone. We look forward to being a part of the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce for the next 20 years and beyond!”

PaulRimeGolf RickSolumGolf
Paul Rime (Sterling State Bank Branch Manager) helping at the 17th Green Rick Solum (Sterling State Bank Mortgage Originator) helping at the 17th Green





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Written By: Samantha Stauffer

Marketing Specialist

Sterling State Bank