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 Switch Easy Program

Switching banks is an easy 6 step process when you switch to Sterling State Bank.

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switch easy step one

Set up Sterling State Bank account and stop using previous account(s)

Once you have opened your new accounts at Sterling State Bank, stop using your previous account(s) but do not close it for one to two months. Allow one to two months for all checks to clear and for all automatic transactions to be set up with Sterling State Bank.

Complete your new account set up by enrolling in Online Banking and downloading our Mobile Banking App. You will be able to access your accounts where ever and when ever you choose, completing such activities as transferring funds, viewing transactions, mobile check deposits and more.

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 If you would like assistance enrolling in online banking or guidance on how to use certain features, contact us at 507-282-1845.



switch easy step two

Inform your employer

Notify your employer about your Direct Deposit change request. Use Sterling State Bank's Switch Easy Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form to simplify this change. 

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Use this form to notify any company making automatic deposits into your current checking and/or savings account(s). For payroll deposits take this form to your Human Resources Department.

Helpful account resources:



switch easy step three

Move your automatic payments and/or withdrawals

You will need to move your automatic payments and/or withdrawals to your new Sterling State Bank account. Use Sterling's Switch easy Payment/Deposit Switch Form to simplify the transaction. We've also provided a helpful checklist of common bills people pay:

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Complete this form for each automatic payment you have. Then mail the form to the appropriate company or organization that is responsible for processing your automatic payment.



switch easy step four

Schedule your new Bill Pay

Pay your bills online with Sterling State Bank's Bill Pay. Use Sterling's Switch Easy Worksheet to guide you through this simple set up.

 worksheet icon



switch easy step five

Notify your previous bank

Let your previous bank know you would like to close your old account. use the Sterling Switch Easy Account Closure Form to make this request.

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Complete this form and mail it to your previous bank. This will help ensure your old bank account(s) is closed and all funds are transferred to your new Sterling State bank account.



switch easy step six


Now that you have completed steps 1-5, you are ready to enjoy your new banking relationship with Sterling State Bank!