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Our New Mobile App

by Chelsea Cliff

Wednesday, April 16, 2016

Accessing your bank account is just one tap (and password of course!) away. As of February 2016 Sterling State Bank has an official Mobile Banking app. While we encourage our customers to stop in anytime to one of our branch offices, we also fully embrace the technological advances that can enhance the banking experience.

Sometimes trying to find the time to run to the bank to deposit a check or get a balance can be difficult. With the new Mobile App it’s easier than ever to perform all of these banking tasks from your smart phone or tablet! Features of the new Sterling State Bank Mobile App include: Balance Transfers, ATM and Branch location look up, View Balance, Check Re-Ordering, Credit Card login, Payments, and Remote Deposit.

“The best feature of all is the ease of access,” said Sterling State Bank President Justin McNeilus. Our mobile app has been in development for several years, as updates were made in the application. In the past year we’ve been working on rolling out the Sterling State Bank (SSB) branded app. As use of mobile banking services increases, we want our customers to enjoy these benefits free of charge.

In 2014 the use of a mobile phone to access financial services increased to 39% by all banking customers. Among mobile banking users, 22% used the service to make a mobile payment according to a report from The Federal Reserve. As smartphones continue to shape the consumer experience, from shopping to socializing, knowing real-time financial data is important. “It’s the easiest way to know your balance and recent transactions,” explains Sterling State Bank’s Electronic Banking Specialist, Zac Stringer.

“The mobile check deposit feature is my favorite because all I have to do is write ‘Mobile’ below my signature, snap a picture and it’s done.” Another update planned within the next year will allow Sterling State Bank mobile banking customers to check their balances quickly, without having to log in. To protect the privacy of mobile banking users, the information displayed is strictly limited to just the customer’s balance. Full login credentials are required for all other mobile banking functions.

Future goals include improving the user experience, updating the text alerts design, and adding the ability to turn debit cards on and off from the mobile app. Sterling State Bank welcomes all feedback and reviews regarding customer satisfaction with the mobile app.

Check out our Mobile Banking page for more information about how to download and use our app: https://www.sterlingstatebank.com/personal-solutions/mobile.asp