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The Perfect Mortgage May Be at Your Community Bank

Are you on a quest for a mortgage? You want to snare a low interest rate, of course; but the ideal deal involves more. When that low rate comes from a lender you can rely on, you've succeeded. You can count on community banks. We recommend them as the top choice for home loans, and we offer tips to help you choose your lender.

Community banks are in the relationship business. They realize the importance of a smooth mortgage transaction. They are not looking to do one loan for you they want to be your banker for life. From the initial application through closing and thereafter, mortgage professionals are standing by you. Most community banks have established internal processing/underwriting departments that work side by side to handle any possible hitches along the way. Try finding your Internet lender or processor the day your loan is supposed to close! Community banks have the ability to adapt and react to situations and in the mortgage business, situations happen.

Community banks won t take advantage of you. They know if they do, you won t come back the next time. And they want you to come back, community banks want a banking relationship with you. Whether your community bank sells your mortgage or keeps it in-house, if you have problems, the bank will help you and help doesn't mean giving you a 1-800 number. A community bank will contact the mortgage holder and solve the problem. Helping customers (who are often neighbors) is part of being a community bank.

Borrowers circumstances vary and so do mortgages; and if the lending establishment has ample options, it can customize mortgages. Community banks excel at customizing and at offering a full range of loan types. Mortgage companies present limited repertories. Often, borrowers start the loan process at a mortgage company, hit a glitch the outfit can t handle, and complete the deal at a community bank. Banks have the flexibility to keep loans in-house or sell them to a range of investors.

Community banks are full-service financial institutions. In addition to mortgage loans, they offer savings accounts, checking accounts, business loans, student loans, and more. You can walk into your community bank and make your house, car, and insurance payments and discuss your investments, too. Are you adverse to voice mail and number pushing? Then this will tickle you: At many community banks, people answer the telephone. Yes, people! That's convenience.

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